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Fantasy Fiction / Magical Realism / Alternative Realities / Speculative / Paranormal

In the Midst of Lions

A seismic battle between grim prophecy and hope

The Scattering Winds

Available October 1st - preorder now!

Behind the Frame

Careful when you open that door... just about anything can follow you through. New YA fiction

Lock & Key

A twisty-turny, timey-wimey journey through medieval Scotland, Black Death Norway, and 19th century Kentucky to solve a mystery.


Some things have to be LIVED --- not told.

The Communion of Shadows

Ghosts of the bayou

Gears (2023 Re-release)

The Promise of Power Will Drive You Mad

The Shambles cover

Where the lost things go.

Kári the Lucky cover

Icelandic saga

Descent into Ulthoa cover

Blood runs true

The Fifth Day

The dead are the only lucky ones among us.

Choose a side.


Evidence doesn't lie.

Lines of Sight

Boundary Solution Book One


Boundary Solution Book Two


Boundary Solution Book Three: Look for the Re-release in 2024

Parsifal Snowe Detective Agency

Follow the investigations of a team of psychic private detectives!

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