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With the creation of Little Bustard Books, we will be re-releasing several of Gordon's back catalog with BRAND NEW EDITIONS!
Here are a few of the re-releases planned for 2023:

Gears (2016)

The promise of power will drive you mad.


Two thousand years ago, the Antikythera Mechanism was built by people whose knowledge outstripped their wisdom. Thought by some to be a mechanical calendar, the Mechanism is actually a focus for psychic power—for those who know how to use it. Two millennia ago, men risked their lives to stop its owners from wielding such a weapon, and succeeded. Destroyed the machine, sent it to the bottom of the sea.


But the knowledge of how to build it lived on.


There are the power-hungry in every generation, men and women who will stop at nothing to gain control and domination. And who will destroy anyone who stands in their way. When two archaeologists who study the Antikythera Mechanism are murdered, an unlikely assemblage of people come to the horrifying realization that it's all starting again—an elderly minister, a college student with prescient dreams, an unassuming secretary and her best friend, a young and idealistic news reporter, a skeptical university professor. One by one they are drawn into a web of intrigue and danger, and finally realize that if the Mechanism is rebuilt, there will be no end to the destruction it can cause. And only they have the ability to stop it.

Signal to Noise (2017)

Evidence doesn't lie.

Lock and Key (2017)
What if your future lies in your past?
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