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A seismic battle between grim prophecy and hope...

In Seattle, an unremarkable earthquake ripples through the city on a sunny April day, barely registering for most residents. Yet, for five individuals, it becomes a seismic turning point, forever altering their lives.

Among them is a cheerful and charismatic physics teacher, a brilliant neurodivergent six-year-old, a struggling artist, a deeply religious retired nurse, and a nervous real estate agent plagued by anxiety. Somehow that fateful quake unleashed an extraordinary gift: the ability to peer into the future.

What they witness in their visions is nothing short of apocalyptic—a civilization in ruins, ravaged by destruction and lawlessness. As resources dwindle, humanity descends into chaos, turning on itself in a desperate struggle for survival.

With this grim foresight, the five new oracles must somehow awaken others to the impending catastrophe and guide them to safety. Time becomes their greatest adversary. Only by joining forces and acting swiftly can they hope to save themselves and those trapped within the confines of the city.


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The first book in Gordon Bonnet's “Arc of the Oracles” trilogy, “In the Midst of Lions" is an enthralling tale that intertwines ordinary lives with extraordinary circumstances.


Can these five individuals defy the grim prophecies they bear witness to and inspire others to follow them to safety?


As the clock ticks away, the answers lie in their unity, resilience, and unwavering determination to reshape destiny.

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