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Parsifal Snowe Detective Agency

Poison the Well

(Parsifal Snowe Mysteries, Book 1)

Snowe Agency has a unique approach to solving crimes. Besides the usual sifting through the evidence for clues and motives, each of the detectives has an additional—and unusual—skill.

The suave Seth Augustine is a psychometer. He gets psychic impressions from touching objects people have handled. Bethany Hale is as smart and tough as they come, and has precognitive dreams. Troy Seligman can do astral projection—but fights profound feelings of guilt over spying on people in spirit form. Jeff Kolnikoff seems shy and fumbling, but his telekinetic ability is off the charts. And the eccentric, brilliant telepath, Callista Lee, can read people's thoughts as clearly as if they were speaking aloud.

And this time, they'll need all the skills they have to tackle their toughest case yet. A man was poisoned at a wedding reception—but a hundred guests, and even the bride and groom, all deny having the slightest idea who the victim is. Even the police are stumped. Can the gifted detectives of Snowe Agency catch a murderer when the victim is a complete cipher? And, even more importantly, can they do it before the killer strikes again?

Dead Letter Office

(Parsifal Snowe Mysteries, Book 2)  

The intrepid psychic detectives of Snowe Agency are once again on a case, this time investigating the murder of Miss Annamae Dyer, a wealthy old woman who was clubbed to death in her own study. There is no shortage of suspects -- her nephew, Robert Dyer, who inherited most of her money; her elder niece, Katherine Yates, who is a scheming social climber who would do anything to protect her reputation; her younger niece, Marie Mackenzie, an aspiring artist who hated her aunt with great enthusiasm; her downtrodden cousin, Donna Skelly, who was mistreated and taken advantage of by the whole family; and her cold, analytical personal assistant, Taylor Bradford, who had no particular love for any of them.


All of them had reasons to want the old lady out of the way. But who actually swung the weapon?


It's up to Bethany, Seth, Troy, Jeff, and Callista, and of course the elegant, silver-haired Mr. Parsifal Snowe, to figure it out -- before the killer strikes again.


Face Value

(Parsifal Snowe Mysteries, Book 3)

On a brutally hot summer day, Tess Ethridge, a beautiful and well-respected elementary school teacher, is stabbed to death while out on a jogging trail. There's a witness--a quiet, shy man named Quentin Joyner sees the murder take place.

But Quentin isn't going to be much help to the police. He's completely face-blind--not only does he have no recognition of others, he wouldn't even recognize his own face in a mirror. Confronted with inquiries about the events he saw and doubts about his odd perceptual disorder, Quentin comes to the detectives of Snowe Agency for help.

The psychic detectives, under the leadership of the enigmatic Mr. Parsifal Snowe, quickly find out that there's more to this case than meets the eye. First, Tess Ethridge may not have led as squeaky-clean a life as it seemed. Second, while Quentin's inability to recognize faces gets him off the hook with the police, the murderer isn't as quick to believe him, and it's not long before Quentin turns from a bystander into a target.

Can the detectives of Snowe Agency untangle a web of secrecy, lies, and duplicity in time to unmask a murderer--and save the life of the only witness to the crime?

Anchor 1

Past Imperfect

(Parsifal Snowe Mysteries, Book 4)


Sometimes the past does not lie quietly in its grave.

When private detectives Seth Augustine and Bethany Hale take a vacation to the picture-postcard village of Finn Hill in the Adirondacks in mid-December, they figure it'll be an opportunity for some down time--skiing, snowshoeing, and lots of basking in front of a fire or lounging together in the hot tub. But after a chance purchase in an antique store turns up a thirty-year-old note foretelling a murder, they realize that their vacation might not be as relaxing as they'd hoped.

The cryptic note, from a desperately unhappy high school student, explains that she's likely to be killed--because of what she overheard at the funeral of the school custodian. Bethany and Seth soon find out that the student, Martha Darnell, did indeed die a week after the custodian's funeral, and that there are some dark and deadly secrets hidden beneath Finn Hill's perfect, Christmas-card appearance.


But the roots of the murders have lain buried for thirty years. To uncover the truth, they'll have to pry into the private lives and secrets of the townspeople--at least some of whom are very, very reluctant to have the events of three decades ago come to light.

Room for Wrath

Room for Wrath

(Parsifal Snowe Mysteries, Book 5)


On a sweltering hot summer day, Troy Seligman witnesses a murder out on the still waters of Carlisle Lake. A woman strikes Dr. Gregory Neal in the back of the head with a boat hook, knocking him over the side of his yacht. Troy sees it all, and there’s no doubt in his mind that the murderer is Dr. Neal's socialite wife, Linda. It sounds like an open and shut case for the private detectives of Snowe Agency.

Not everything is as it seems, however.

It becomes quickly obvious that the dentist was not the pillar of society he was thought to be. With a long string of infidelities to his name, just about everyone in his life has motive for murder—including his wife, secretary, business partner, mistress, and all three of his dental hygienists. All of them, however, have alibis, even his wife. She was thirty miles away at the time, in front of dozens of witnesses, and recovering from shoulder surgery, to boot.

Troy knows what he saw, but the fact that he was projecting outside his body when he witnessed the murder makes his story problematic at best. Caught now in a tawdry web of sex, lies, and jealousy, he and fellow detectives Bethany Hale, Seth Augustine, and Callista Lee will put their skills to the test to pick up the killer’s trail before someone else on Dr. Neal’s list gets the hook.


The Obituary Collector

(Parsifal Snowe Mysteries, Book 6)



Dignified, silver-haired Mr. Parsifal Snowe is a bit of an enigma even to his closest associates. He has an air of omniscience, tempered by his courteous and self-effacing demeanor. But how did such a man end up as the leader of a motley crew of psychic detectives?

In The Obituary Collector we go back to 2006, and the founding of Snowe Agency—when Mr. Snowe is asked for help in the case of a series of deaths in a psychiatric hospital, where each is preceded by a note containing clues in the form of literary quotes. Very quickly he sees that the killings are the work of a highly intelligent, but profoundly disturbed, mind.

And when a fourth note is found, he realizes that the murders aren't over yet.

His expertise in history and literature entangles him in the lives of long-term psychiatric patients, including a brash young woman with a dangerous tendency to eavesdrop, an aging former prizefighter, a weary and jaded woman whose elegant appearance belies a history of violence, a schizophrenic arsonist, and a damaged, brilliant young man with an obsession for collecting the obituaries of strangers. But the murders may not be the work of one of the patients—and the staff who cares for them all seem to have something to hide.

Mr. Snowe quickly finds that he won't be able to solve this case alone, and enlists the help of four people—the psychics Troy Seligman, Bethany Hale, and Callista Lee investigating, with the details managed by the ultra-competent but eccentric malaprop Arabella Leidenfrost. But will their efforts be enough to stop a killer who is determined to destroy the patients and staff of Riverside Psychiatric Hospital one after another?


Slings and Arrows

(Parsifal Snowe Mysteries, Book 7)

When writer Kathy Rawls hires Snowe Agency to investigate the disappearance of her drunkard and ne’er-do-well husband, it seems that there’s really not much to investigate. John Rawls was last seen leaving the local bar after a typical bender, and no one is sure of his whereabouts. But something about the story doesn't sit right with Jeff Kolnikoff, the agency’s resident researcher and telekinetic. While typically reluctant to be actively engaged in the agency’s investigations due to his shy, awkward nature, the neatness of the scenario Mrs. Rawls paints bothers Jeff, and he starts looking into the missing man’s life. He quickly finds that John Rawls might not simply have gotten drunk and taken off for parts unknown.

After two more people vanish under similar circumstances, Jeff becomes certain they weren’t abducted but were actually murdered instead. As he discovers more commonalities between the disappearances, he realizes that he’s stumbled upon something far larger and much more sinister than anyone had anticipated. All of the missing people were awful human beings, but anyone with motive for revenge was nowhere near the scene of the crimes with unshakeable alibis. Will Jeff's intuition be enough to crack the case before more people disappear? Or will his tenacity make him the next target?

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