Boundary Solution Series

Lines of Sight Concept.jpg

Lines of Sight

(Boundary Solution Series #1)


Special Agent Kerri Elias joined the Boundary Enforcement Agency—"The Boundary"—three years ago, trying to escape the ghosts of her past and fight the Black-eyed Children, a mysterious, implacable foe who impersonate young children in order to abduct humans. She's frustrated, though, by a sense that she's spinning her wheels, contributing little toward the mission—until the night her partner is captured before her very eyes.

His disappearance catapults Kerri into a world of shadows, betrayals, and intrigue, where not all of the enemies have the Children's signature obsidian eyes. She's thrown together with three people whose loyalties are uncertain at best—her boss, the blustering Special Agent in Charge Harlan "Duke" Rendell; his tough-as-nails, second-in-command Danielle Tauriac; and newcomer Aaron Vincent, a handsome, young agent just transferred in from the Atlanta field office who may be hiding as much as he's telling.

Through it all, Kerri is forced to contend with the ever-present threat of the Black-eyed Children and a growing sense that she's next on their hit list. Do they know something she doesn't? Or could the handwritten note left for her on a desolate hillside in the New Mexico desert be correct, and she really is the only person on Earth who can save humanity from total annihilation?

Whistling in the Dark

(Boundary Solution Series #2)

Whistling Concept.jpg

Concerned that an invasion of the Black-eyed Children is imminent, but unable to convince their boss--the irascible Harlan "Duke" Rendell--that the threat is real, Boundary agents Kerri Elias and Aaron Vincent decide to strike out on their own. Teaming up with a young doctor from southern Louisiana, Will Daigle, on a cross-country trip on the advice of their mysterious Pleiadian mentor Saul, they head for a small town in upstate New York. What their ultimate goal is, Saul can't--or won't--say. He tells them only that time is short, and they'll know what to do when they get there.

The Black-eyed Children are not the only threat they will encounter along the way, though. The crisis humanity now faces brings out our species' best and worst, and more than once they'll have to confront dangers of a purely terrestrial origin. And while Saul has reassured Kerri that she is the key to stopping the invasion, there is no guarantee that she, Aaron, and Will will survive what looks increasingly like a suicide mission. Is Saul acting in their interests, or in the interest of humanity as a whole? Or is he engaged in his own personal game, moving the three of them around like pawns on a chessboard, with ends in mind having nothing to do with protecting the people of the Earth? Only time will tell... if they're still alive to find out, that is.

Fear No Colors

(Boundary Solution Series #3)

Fear No Colors.jpg

Safely back in Las Cruces, New Mexico from their cross-country journey, Kerri Elias, Aaron Vincent, and Will Daigle find that they’re anything but safe.

The Black-eyed Children have won. Earth’s population is being subjugated, used for a source of the neural energy the Children feed on. The few ragged survivors are hanging on as best they can in a depopulated world where even finding food is a daily struggle.

But Kerri clings to the words of Saul, one of the mysterious Pleiadians, who told her that she and she alone had the ability to stop the Children from destroying humanity. Fighting her sense that it’s too late to do anything, she, Aaron, and Will, and the brilliant young scientist Cameron Sterling, try desperately to find a way to fight an enemy that seems implacable and invulnerable.

Hiding out in an abandoned school, the four of them have no choice but to keep fighting, and to hope against hope that they will find the Children’s Achilles heel. Because if they don’t, it won’t be long before there is not a single human left alive on planet Earth.

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