Back In Las Cruces, New Mexico, following their harrowing cross-country mission, Boundary Enforcement Agents Kerri Elias, Aaron Vincent, and Will Daigle find that they're anything but safe. Earth's population is being subjugated en masse, their neural energy harvested and used as sustenance for an invading army of ruthless extra-terrestrials. What few ragged survivors are left are hanging on as best they can in a largely depopulated world, running in small, isolated groups scrounging for resources while avoiding capture. The war seems all but over, and the Black-eyed Children have won.


In these darkest of hours, though, hope still survives. Kerri, in particular, clings to the words of Saul-a member of the mysterious alien race known as the Pleiadians-who once told her that she and she alone had the ability to stop the Children from destroying humanity. While she may not understand exactly why this is so, she has no choice but to believe he was right. Against all odds, she, Aaron, and Will, along with a brilliant young scientist named Cameron Sterling, try desperately to find some way to fight an enemy that seems both implacable and invulnerable. Will they find the answer they're looking for before it's too late? Because if they don't, it won't be long before there is not a single human left alive on planet Earth.

Kári Solmundarson was a Norse Hebridean who lived at the turn of the tenth century. The people of his time knew the harshness of life, and met it with fierceness and determination—but they also knew love, loyalty, fairness, and honor.

Revenge is an act of passion. Vengeance is an act of justice.

When Kári befriends the four Njalsson brothers and travels to Iceland, he is unknowingly caught up in a web of lies, murder, and revenge that will ultimately bind their fates together. When disaster falls, Kári swears an oath to avenge what he's lost, one that will carry him through a decade of hardship in far away lands where he is a stranger. After that ten years, he is faced with an agonizing question: is justice actually to be had in this world? Or is the cost of seeking the truth too high for any man to pay?

Based upon the true events recounted in the Icelandic classic Njál's Saga—bestselling author Gordon Bonnet looks at how we tell good from evil, right from wrong, and the painful truth that the lines between them are often blurred and uncertain.

Ten years ago, a man and his girlfriend went into the woods at the end of Claver Road on what was supposed to be a weekend's camping trip, and never returned. Police combed the area, but nothing was found except for his car, abandoned where they'd parked it. It seemed like Brad Ellicott and Cara Marshall had been swallowed by the silent, brooding forest, leaving not a trace of what had happened or where they went.


His identical twin brother, left to mourn his loss, has spent the last decade unable to let go of his grief, to accept that Brad and Cara are gone forever. Based on sinister hints from a few of the older residents of Guildford, New York, the closest village to the woods, he discovers that there might be more to the story than the disappearance of a couple of hikers. The woods has had an evil reputation for well over a century, and his brother and his girlfriend are not the first people to defy the warnings and brave the shadows under the trees-nor the first to vanish there.


Becoming obsessed with discovering what happened to his brother, he delves deeper and deeper into the mystery that lies beyond the end of Claver Road, and he uncovers a terrifying truth that challenges everything he believes. Is the knowledge worth the cost? And will he get the answers he needs before the forest claims him as its next victim?